About: Valentin

I know, you don’t really see the Bavarian in that picture above. This is what happens when you spend too much time in the country of Cider, Cornish Pasties and Cream Tea!

Hi, I’m Valentin!

When Rachael started this website, I thought I would stay an excited observer and only embarrass her by raving about her projects in front of friends – ironically, she doesn’t like to take centre stage, even though she loved producing radio dramas in Uni and performs spoken word poetry; all of it accessible online.

I am a bit different in the way that I am quite extroverted in public, yet I like to stay in the background when it comes to my appearance online (My Instagram account had its last post back in 2017…)

This attitude changed with this “flamboyantly disorganised space”, as Proceed With Caution seemed like a great opportunity to share my love for nature and environmentally aware travelling. In times of climate change and its deniers, this seems even more important to highlight…

I will capture impressions of our journey with the help of photography and field recordings, hopefully giving you some diversion from every day life in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope this multimedia approach from Rachael and I will inspire people to travel with a new point of view: easily pleased, taking nothing for granted and enjoying what is around you.