By Valentin Jann

Poetry, prose, and photography all capture a unique but static impression of our journey. We wanted to invite you into our everyday life on the road with something a little more immersive…

At each stop I’ll be transforming our surroundings into ambient soundscapes! Get yourself a cup of tea, put on some headphones (or use stereo speakers) and lean back to enjoy the scrunch of frozen grass, the lapping of a little waterfall or the calming sounds of the sea!

Wadden Sea

Location: Beach near Sahlenburg (map)

Description: This track explores the atmosphere of the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The uncut version can be found on Soundcloud.

Copyright: Valentin Jann


Location: Parking near Heiligenberg, Heidelberg (map)

Description: A little walk around the van. Can you identify what happens between second 34 and 50? Leave a comment at the bottom;)

Copyright: Valentin Jann

Frozen Grass

Location: St. Blasien (map)

Description: Walking down to a river and back up again.

Copyright: Valentin Jann



Description: test

Copyright: Valentin Jann


Location: Fischbeker Heide, Fischbek (map)

Description: During a walk through the Heide we came across a woodpecker which seemed to make a home for the winter.

Copyright: Valentin Jann


Location: Bannwald Zweribach, Black Forest (map)

Description: A little waterfall

Copyright: Valentin Jann



Description: test

Copyright: Valentin Jann

Note: Some audio files are only snippets of the original recordings. Their long versions are available on our Soundcloud playlist. If you would like to use our tracks for your project (e.g. in an audiobook), feel free to contact us!

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