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Spoken Word

By Rachael Greyhound

I like languages, soundscapes and storytelling, but I was 20 before I discovered spoken word poetry and put all three together. Spoken word was like trifle: a bit indulgent, occasionally boozy, rich in hidden treasures, but you’re ten spoons deep and covered in Bird’s custard before you realise you can always improve your metaphors…

Here, you’ll find audio recordings of my latest poetry. The stuff I’ve written recently, plays with conceit and the surreal.

A Meeting of Beasts
Rachael Greyhound

“A Meeting of Beasts” gives voice to a woman hiding a werewolf in the bathroom of a shared flat. It was longlisted in Culture Recording’s “New Voice in Poetry Prize 2020”.

Rachael Greyhound

“Dummy” deals with vulnerability and language barriers.

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